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3rd Sep 2020

2020 has been for me, the biggest heaadfuck of a year, ever, and I imagine, for everybody.

For me personally, I am so glad to have had my little shedio at the bottom of the garden to lock myself away in.

Art is my therapy from everything horrible in the world, including my own cynical little soul.

During my time in the slug filled recesses of my backyard I have had so much precious free time to plough away at the frustrations of a locked down world, from morning until meal times I had the companionship of my musical heroes and a whole lot of pens and papers.

As a result of that I think I have finally achieved a personal goal of compiling my first ever publication, Cavetroll #1

Inside the 50 odd riso printed pages you will find a bit of venom aimed at my favourite pet hates, the self-serving Conservative government, a little bit of biographical stuff about my anxiety riddled life in lockdown with the love of my live, Lor plus I take a few pops at the 45th and the shit storm that he is stirring, here is a little sample of that.

So please keep an eye out and an ear to the ground for Cavetroll#1 and its incoming release on here cavetrolldrury.com

Stay Safe (thats what we say in 2020) and keep your distance (that's what I say in my head)

Cavetroll Chris xx